General Director speech

20 july 2020

Dear Colleagues,

I think there is no particular need to describe the COVID 19 situation in Kazakhstan. We all read and listen to the news, and are aware of all the events. The situation, obviously, is quite tough: take, for example, our chat in Watsap, if earlier there were mainly only congratulations on birthdays or on the occasion of the newborn, these days we often express condolences to our colleagues on the death of their relatives. This, without a doubt, is very sad and sometimes even scary.

We all know how to protect ourselves from the virus, staring from ways of personal hygiene and the ue of personal protective equipment to various breathing exercises. All of this is available on the networks and is often forwarded in chats. You can also visit the WHO advice page at

The most important reasons for the spread of the virus are: a violation of self-isolation and the fact that a person is in a stressful state. We are traditionally very sociable people who love holidays. In addition, we, by nature, are accustomed to taking certain risks with some degree of irresponsibility: we think that this may not affect us, or that it will be inconvenient if we refuse to go to the funeral, that we need to congratulate a relative, etc. and we often violate the self-isolation regime, and these are additional risks.

With this appeal, I want to urge you to remain socially responsible and not violate the regime of self-isolation. Refrain from attending events, even family ones. Indeed, by violating this regime, we unwittingly put at risk not only our own health, but also the health of our relatives and friends.

Our company, for its part, being a corporate-responsible company, did everything in its power – we sent almost all employees to work remotely.

It is also very important to stay positive and not give in to panic or stress. This aggravates the condition and weakens our immune system. It is understandable that it is not easy to stay positive while reading the endless sad news and statistics of infected people. Therefore, I advise you to concentrate on good news, try to distinguish fake news, and read more useful literature. Concentrate on the positive side of the situation: you are spending more time with your family, you have the opportunity to engage in self-development.

I wish health to all of us and may all of overcome these terrible days, and we will return to our usual algorithm. Stay cool and take care of yourself and your loved ones. Aman-sau bolaiyk!



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