Staff are the most valuable assets of KAZPETROL GROUP 

Staff is the most valuable asset of “KAZPETROL GROUP”. Our strategy focuses on attracting and retaining highly skilled employees who have all necessary skills and competencies to reach a high standard of performance.

A policy on Recruitment and Selection of Staff, which is in full compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and objectives of company, has been developed. The aim of the policy is to create conditions for the adoption of fair and accurate decisions, as well as to provide support to line managers and the selection group in conduction of internal and external selection processes.

According to the internal Policy,  Recruitment Procedure is divided into internal selection – produced within the group of companies, and selection from external sources. This allows focusing on internal recruitment, thereby contributing to the progress and development of its staff and giving them an advantage while keeping all other aspects to be equal, and providing equal opportunities.

For external recruiting process company uses a variety of sources, such as print media, Web portals (Headhunter, LinkedIn), recruitment agencies, personal contacts, company’s own database, etc., that expands the search for potential candidates, both in Kazakhstan and abroad.

Thus, using the principle of equity and equal opportunity for all candidates, and various techniques of recruiting and selection process of personnel, the company contributes to special corporate culture of the team of “KAZPETROL GROUP”, endorcing to the process of achieving  a leading position in its market segment.

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KAZPETROL GROUP prepares highly qualified specialists able to meet the objectives.

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If you are a student of advanced courses, it’s the best time to join the team of professionals KAZPETROL GROUP.

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Fraud in employment may be in the form of various information resources such as emails, SMS messages or emails received on behalf of individuals/groups who purport to represent the company.

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