Constitution of KAZPETROL GROUP

We, being free individuals, sharing common values and principles, are employees of the KAZPETROL GROUP (КАЗПЕТРОЛ ГРУП) Company, who have a goalto create a prosperous and stable company with a long-term growth, which allows us to implement our personal ambitions, aspirations and staff career advancement needs.


I. Team working style

    1. KAZPETROL GROUP (КАЗПЕТРОЛ ГРУП) values joint teamwork in order to obtain the best result; it is committed to the agreed understanding of goals and the effective coordination of activities;
    2. Appreciates the involvement of staff in the common cause and their interest in success of the Company;
    3. Believes that it is important to develop its personnel’s involvement to what is happening in the Company, desire to treat the company’s assets as their own;
    4. Values mutual support and interchangeability;
    5. Values commitment/loyalty to the Сompany and sharing group values.

II. Individual

    1. KAZPETROL GROUP (КАЗПЕТРОЛ ГРУП) respects the personality of each employee of the company;
    2. Recognizes the right to personal substantiated opinion and freedom of debate;
    3. Recognizes the right for development and personal growth;
    4. Is tolerant when people demonstrate their personal traits, but does not encourage behavior that would be considered as offensive and unacceptable by most people.

III. Confidence /Relationships

    1. KAZPETROL GROUP (КАЗПЕТРОЛ ГРУП) values effective and open communication (exchange of information, interaction, mutual understanding) both between employees of the company, and with partners/clients;
    2. Values kindness, openness, honesty in relationships, contributing to the “emotional bank account” of each employee.


    1. Integrity: behavior based on fairness and honesty;
    2. Fairness: equity, requiring open attitude, tolerance and acceptance of other points of view;
    3. Objectivity: judgment not based on personal bias but on the established set of criteria;
    4. Responsibility: execute promises in full and in a timely manner; understand that everyone has his/her obligations in relation to themselves, the company, and society, and is responsible for their actions and their consequences.


I. Professionalism


    1. Maintain an appropriate level of professional knowledge through continuous training and development of skills;
    2. Perform professional duties in accordance with existing laws, regulations and technical standards;
    3. Provide information and recommendations that are necessary for decision-making, in an accurate, clear, concise way and in a timely manner.

II. Confidentiality


    1. Not disclose confidential information, except as permitted by an authorized person;
    2. Inform all relevant parties on the proper use of confidential information; monitor work of subordinates to ensure confidentiality;
    3. Not use confidential information for unethical or illegal advantage.

III. Integrity


    1. To reduce actual conflicts of interest and regularly communicate with business partners to eliminate misunderstandings and conflict of interest; to be attentive to the potentially conflicting factors and to help all parties with advise on how to eliminate those;
    2. To refrain from any conduct that might interfere with ethical performance of responsibilities;
    3. To refrain from participation or support of any actions that could discredit the Company.

IV. Effectiveness


    1. Actions aimed at achieving a better end result using the most optimal way with a long-term positive effect;
    2. Effective use of abilities, capabilities and knowledge, both their own and of their subordinates.

V. Reliability

KAZPETROL GROUP (КАЗПЕТРОЛ ГРУП) employees are empowered to:

    1. Communicate information fairly and objectively;
    2. Disclose all of the required information which may obviously affect the understanding of reports, business intelligence or recommendations provided to the users;
    3. Disclose delays or deficiencies in the provision of information, timeliness, processing and internal control in accordance with the policy of the Company.

Principles of Management/Operation of KAZPETROL GROUP (КАЗПЕТРОЛ ГРУП) Company

I. Focus on action. Do anything to make a difference, do not sink into the mire of analysis and discussions.

    1. Experimentation and creativity are welcomed;
    2. Mistakes are an invaluable experience; fear of mistakes must not lead to stagnation and lack of initiative;

II. Neighborship to a partner, a customer, an employee. Continually explore preferences of consumers in order to always meet their expectations.

    1. The emphasis is on products’ quality, reliability and level of service;
    2. Key positions are occupied by people who care;
    3. Understand the desires and expectations of the client.

III. Autonomy and Entrepreneurship. Divide your company into small firms/teams/cells, let them operate independently and compete with each other.

    1. Champions (enthusiastic volunteers) have higher probability of project success;
    2. Product champion – Manager Champion – the Godfather;
    3. Suboptimal units, internal competition.

IV. People are the roots of effectiveness. Ensure that all employees understand that their efforts are very important for the company, and their efforts will be rewarded.

    1. Respect for the individual;
    2. Availability of information and comparison.

V. Local management, focus on value. Top management must have good understanding of the Company business core (think globally – act locally).

    1. Indiscrete  team, common approaches and perceptions;
    2. Clarification and embodiment of the system of values.

VI. Loyalty to the mission. Practice the business that you know best.

    1. Diversification of activities around the root line.
    2. Development of new directions through cooperation with a competent and reliable partner.
VI. Simple structure, minimum staff. Try to minimize the levels of government and favour small group of leadership.

Midlevel managers play a minor role; it performs more of a bureaucratic function.

VIII. Combination of flexibility and rigidity. Combine commitment to corporate values with tolerance towards each employee, who shares these values, as effective, ethical and professional employer has the right for versatility.