Occupational Safety and Health


The main priority of the Company is to ensure safe working conditions, to preserve the lives and health of our employees and employees of contractor organizations engaged in the facilities of LLP "KAZPETROL GROUP”.

The Company's obligations of Industrial Safety, Labor Protection, Civil Defense and Emergencies are included in the Policy, to require all employees of the Company and personnel of contractors to comply with the established safety rules, to conduct training and constantly improve the qualifications of employees.


The Company's goals for reducing occupational injuries include:

•         Improvement of labor protection conditions, both in the Company and in contracting organizations, and, as a result, reduction of the level of industrial injuries and occupational morbidity;

•         Reducing the risk of accidents, incidents, fires and emergency situations in the facilities of the Contract territory.

In order to prevent injuries, risk identification is regularly carried out in accordance with ISO 45001:2018 standards and management measures are taken, labor protection measures are implemented, Company employees and personnel of contractors are regularly informed about the state of injuries. In addition, the Company carries out targeted work with contractors in terms of compliance with labor protection and industrial safety requirements throughout the duration of contractual relations, including annual inspections of the state of labor protection and industrial safety.

When incidents occur, measures are taken in accordance with the requirements of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan, among them:

•         Operational notification of all incidents that occurred in the Company's facilities, including those involving employees of contracting organizations;

•         Data registration in the information system;

•         Conduction of investigations, analysis of circumstances and causes of accidents;

•         Development of measures aimed at preventing emergency situations and injuries.

The results of the trauma analysis are presented to all employees, discussed at meetings of the top management and within the framework of the Safety Days program, in which representatives of trade unions and key contractors take part. The results of the analysis of accidents, including in contracting organizations, are included in the annual report and considered at the meetings of the Board of Directors.


Identification of hazards, assessment of risks and application of management measures for the elimination of hazards and minimization of risks in the field of Industrial Safety, Labor Protection, Civil Defense and Emergencies are carried out in accordance with the corporate standards of OSMS (Occupational safety management system).

Analysis of the effectiveness of these processes is carried out within the framework of internal checks and audits, carried out in accordance with “OSMS”. Provision of production control, as well as within the framework of annual reports on the state of Industrial Safety, Labor Protection, Civil Defense and Emergencies of the “KUSTO Group”, presented by its QHSE Department.

Procedures for notifying employees about possible dangers and dangerous situations related to the labor process are regulated by the Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and normative acts of LLP "KAZPETROL GROUP".

The results of investigations are used for planning and implementation of necessary measures, prevention of incidents and/or reduction of potential damage in case of similar incidents.


The company recognizes that any incident is the realization of a risk in the field of Industrial Safety, Labor Protection, Civil Defense and Emergencies and may indicate an imperfection of the OSMS. Therefore, the investigation and analysis of the causes of incidents, taking into account lessons learned and developing action plans to prevent incidents in the future is an important element of the risk management system.

Investigation of incidents is carried out in accordance with the Instruction on investigation of incidents and reporting. During the investigation of the incidents, a reassessment of risks in the field of Industrial Safety, Labor Protection, Civil Defense and Emergencies is carried out in order to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents in the future and to avoid the occurrence of significant damages.

The results of risk assessment during the investigation of incidents are used for planning and implementation of necessary measures aimed at preventing similar incidents and/or reducing potential damage.


When conducting an instruction on labor protection, including Induction, employees are informed about:

•         Harmful substances used in production;

•         The presence of harmful and dangerous production factors at the workplace;

•         Existence of health damage risks and information on special assessment of working conditions;

•         Possible compensations and means of individual protection;

•         Causes of industrial traumatism.

The company conducts systematic work to improve working conditions. Attestation of workplaces is the main tool for assessment of working conditions and management.

Thanks to the consistent implementation of measures to improve working conditions over the past few years, the share of Company employees working in harmful working conditions has been steadily decreasing.


The corporate health control system of employees is based on the management of risks of occupational and occupationally-related diseases. As part of the risk management system, typical hazards are identified, such as increased noise, vibration, exposure to chemical substances, tension in the labor process, and others. If the identified risks are assessed as significant, measures are developed to control and reduce their impact.

From the first days, a medical service is available in the Company, which regularly conducts consultations to employees on health issues.

Measures to protect the health of workers are provided with necessary resources. Funds are allocated annually to pay for voluntary medical insurance (DMS), to maintain infrastructure (medical centers), to carry out preventive measures, and to organize sports and recreation. Available services are "Interteach" LLP. Two medical centers, a pre-shift/pre-trip examination rooms are organized on the contract territory, in the immediate vicinity of the workplaces, which facilitates the access of workers to medical care, including in emergency situations.

LLP "KAZPETROL GROUP" respects the confidentiality of data on the health status of employees: such information is not disclosed to third parties.

All employees are provided with basic services in accordance with the requirements of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Obligatory (when hiring) and periodic medical examinations are conducted. The process itself, involved doctors-specialists, as well as the types of medical testing are regulated by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Consultations of the Company with employees on health issues are held regularly.