Correctional Boarding School No. 7

21 june 2024

In February 2024, the representatives of the Communal State Institution of the Special Correctional Boarding School No. 7 came to our company and asked for funds to hire a choreographer to prepare two dances for the boarding school children for the regional competition, to buy costumes for two dances, and for the services of a mobliographer. Our company allocated the requested amount to cover these expenses. Knowing that these are special children, we decided to give these children positive emotion.

Thanks to our support, on March 20, 2024, boarding school children participated in the XIX republican "Zhuldyzai-2024" Children's Creative Festival. 115 children from Kyzylorda region took part in this competition. In this competition, boarding school children performed brilliantly and were chosen to be part at the Republican level!

So, on April 18, the children won two prizes in the competition at the national level! 17 students of the boarding school took part in this competition: 12 took part in the "Flower Garden" dance and took 1st prize (each child received a tablet as a prize), 5 children took part in the "Cowboy" dance and won 2nd place prize (the children received a suitcase as a prize). Thus, with our support, children were invited to the International Festival to be held in Shymkent on May 18!

However, they needed additional funds to go to Shymkent. Our company decided to cover these expenses and gave 12 children and 3 adults the opportunity to visit the city of Shymkent.

So, on May 18, the children took part in the "Talented Stars" International Art Competition, where they won the Grand Prix in the Choreography nomination! Not only did they win the Grand Prix, but the children also were invited to the "Ipek Yolu" International Children's Festival in Turkey.

So, with a small donation, our company gave children an unforgettable experience, great emotions, and a sense of desire to win. We wish the children to achieve even greater victories in the future!


Acknowledgments of the boarding school staff:

"We would like to express our gratitude to Kazpetrol Group LLP General Director Tazabekov Yerzhan Kakimuly, who paved the way for the development of the art of our special children with disabilities, who sponsored and supported us, we wish his team great success, unity and prosperity!"


"God bless you! Without you, all this would not be possible! Special thanks to your team! Your generosity is the reason for our children to achieve such success. On behalf of these children, we express our special thanks. May God give you strength!"


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