Social assistance

12 september 2019

"The poor does not need charity, they need justice."

Isabella Allende 1942


In one of our previous news releases, we told that our company took three big families in Kyzylorda under the patronage and that we have purchased household appliances for them.

According to the developed plan of assistance to these families, the purchase of school uniforms and necessary supplies for the children of these families was determined as well. In August we bought school uniforms, sportswear, two pairs of shoes for each child, and other things, such as backpacks, bows, tights, socks, etc. Individual Entrepreneurship ‘Master Trade’, the store where we bought these things, decided to take part in our campaign and contributed by providing additional discounts, and we would like to thank them very much for that!


School supplies were also purchased. We tried to take into account all specifics of each age to the maximum and make sure that the accessories are enough for the whole year.

Certain feelings arose from witnessing the emotions of children when choosing and buying things. They were sincerely happy and were delighted with the process itself! Moms did not stop repeating the words of gratitude to our company. Many store visitors looked at what was happening with applause. Indeed, in a financial sense, the most difficult thing for big families is preparing kids for school. 

Let me quote their words:

“I want to sincerely thank the Kazpetrol Group for their assistance! I do not have enough words to express my gratitude. I am very grateful to you for your kindness, and I wish you prosperity, success to your business and health to your team! ” 

“Thank you so much for helping the children to be prepared for school. Let your company prosper and many thanks to all of your team for your support to mothers with many children! May God bless you and great health to you! ”


“I want to express my deep gratitude to the company and your team for sponsorship and assistance you provided to my family: you bought absolutely everything that my kids needed for school! By providing such assistance, you give joy to our children, and they are the most precious thing in our life. We wish your company prosperity, and to the team we wish health, happiness and all the best! May the good things you do to us be returned to you in triple size! ”



I would like to share one more good news: our colleagues from the field raised money for charity in the amount of 90,000 tenge, deciding to transfer this money to the Public Fund “Shuakty Bobek”, which deals with the problems of “Solar children” – children with Down syndrome. The Foundation conducts trainings and provides support to the mothers of these children, and they also held a charity concert in Kyzylorda to raise funds for their needs.


Representatives of the Fund expressed their gratitude for the help and noted that the amount transferred was their first significant contribution received from third party.


In fact, good is a human manifestation that makes happy not only the person himself, but everyone around him. Good can and must be infected. By doing good deeds daily, you can rest assured that they will certainly help you in some situation.


Do good, love each other and be happy!


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